161-2 Terawaki Cho Minami Ku-Hamamatsu City. Shizuoka-Japan-4300841.

 MOHAMMADI MOSQUE & ISLAMIC CENTER :-                                             


Mohammadi Mosque is located in the heart of Hamamatsu city,surrounded by beautiful rice paddies.Just 10 min by bus No-6.from J.R Hamamatsu station .It`s an Islamic learning center too,so join us to explore Islam (peace) --location Map below :- 

Islam (Peace)-The only way to Salvation

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        Notice Board:-

  EID-UL-FITR If on 25th Sunday then Insha`Allah,prayer will be at 8 AM & 9:30 AM (2-Jamat) in SALA Plaza & if on 26th June then prayer will be at 9: 30 AM in LIFE INN SALA .

Friday prayer will be at 12:40 PM Insha`Allah

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